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GLOBAL MECCANICA is an industrial manufacturing network specializing in wide variety of processes .Thus we manufacture and deliver world-wide customer-specific and ready-to-install components such as Drop Forgings, Gray Iron Castings, Gears, CNC turning and milling parts, Sheet Metal parts, Large Diameter Turnings, Fabrication & Wire EDM for the most varied industrial sectors and in all quantities .
Even with Small to Medium Quantities we can offer economical prices.
Good Quality and Competitive prices as compared to India & China.
Our principle is highest flexibility and Quality in combination with customized inspection procedures, efficient communication, fast logistics and a comprehensive service. This way we achieve highest reliability & this distinguishes us as a dynamic and ambitious enterprise with continuous growth and development.
Take advantage of our performance & of our low cost-best quality manufacturing network! Convince yourself of the excellent quality of our services while reducing your total cost in the same time.

Our Services


Forging transforms the formerly coarse-grained cast microstructure into a fine grained structure. This increases its strength values without compromising tenacity and ductility.

Our forgings are manufactured by complete production lines consisting of forging hammers, hydraulic presses and power presses. High-quality and reliable equipment is supported by advanced technology.

Forgings are machined and heat-treated with focus on exceptionally high accuracy and production quality.

In short from basic concept & product design to material input. Forging & machining to heat treatment, we can manage the whole process well.

Our forging dies are made of certified high-speed and corrosion resistant tool steel grades,like AISI H13 , machined to the highest production standards.

Materials AISI 1020 /AISI 1045 /AISI 4140 and AISI 4340 are forged in routine.

We can supply forgings in the range 200 grams to 10 Kilograms.


Average price of Gray Iron Castings in China is USD $1.20 – $1.35 Per KG but GLOBAL MECCANICA can offer Gray Iron Castings from USD $0.80 – $1.00 Per KG

Our foundries are mainly focused on the production of Gray Iron Castings grades GG20, however we are also capable of manufacturing castings from ductile iron, grades GGG40, GGG 60 & GGG 70.
We supply raw & machined castings to an international client base, the agricultural machinery, tractors industry worldwide, construction, engineering and railway industries, including the supply of industrial parts for wide applications. We are able to offer single and serial production of castings of simple and complicated shapes weighing from 50 Grams to 500 Kilograms Castings are delivered according to the customers’ requirement – raw, rough or machined – carried out in our machining facility or in cooperation with other companies.


GLOBAL MECCANICA is quite strong in conventional and CNC metal-working ,with focus in small and medium scale we can offer best quality precision components made from steel, aluminum alloys, cooper, bronze, brass, and stainless steel.

We command following types of precision machining:

  • Milling Vertical and Horizontal
  • Turning Vertical and Horizontal
  • Large Diameter Turnings
  • Taper Wire EDM.
  • Water Jet cutting
  • Honing
  • Slotting
  • Drilling
  • Roll forming

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